Who am I?

A hat wearing, hard coding, straight-talking British games developer specializing in Flash, Unity and solving complicated mechanics problems. Loves neat headgear, deep pan pizza, and when a plan comes together. Still feels smug about the number of people that told him he couldn’t make a career out of making video games he’s proving wrong. Occasionally goes out in an official capacity and gives talks to people who want to be designers when they grow up.

What I know.

  • Experienced flash developer AS3 and AS2. Knowledge of many commonly used libraries including Facebook, Box2D, Flixel, Flashpunk, TweenMax.
  • How to write, comment and maintain solid, reusable library code.
  • A bag of tricks for speeding up development pipelin.
  • Software :- CS Suite 5.0 Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator, Flash Develop, Flex SDK.
  • Solid coding background with additional grounding in Lua and C#.
  • Experience with Unity 3.5

Where I learnt it.

  • 2010-current Working at Playerthree studio as a developer and designer on flash games.
  • 2009 Self employed creating flash games for web portals.
  • 2008 months producing games in a production like environment for graduate program.

Where I went to school

  • Games Design Degree – Vancouver Film School.
  • UK College level education.

Want all this stuff expanded on in a nice printable document? Hate trees? Want to draw funny doodles next to my achievements? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered right there

PDF Link

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