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Indie Speed Run Entry

Over new years I worked with my friend Keith to make a game for the indie speed run, a 48 hour games making contest. We created the whole thing over new year. The theme and element we got where ‘Afterlife’ and ‘UFO’

The game we designed was based on speed inventory management, trying to fit as many useful things into a characters inventory as fast as possible; where the definition of ‘useful’ would change as you played through the game. The character automatically advanced through the game world and the player used the mouse to pick up items and try to fit them in the characters inventory. The ‘afterlife’ part of the theme features the player dying and coming back in the afterlife, but without the ability to pick any items up any more.

The game came out a little rough and buggy, but the mechanics where good.

For the first time in a game jam I made a time lapse of what was on my screen. It worked out pretty well.