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Nom Nation

  • Created in 6 months. One month pre-production.
  • Created for Channel 4 food education drive.
  • Lead Designer and Programmer.
  • Platform Adventure game; Designed for port to iPhone and PSP.

Nom Nation

Truth Specs – Brain Drain

  • Created in six weeks with AS3 using Nape physics engine 1.0
  • Base game mechanic involved ‘failing to succeed’
  • Incorporated in house JavaScript framework to send information
  • Part of the Truth Specs project.

Voodoo Charms

  • Created in 3 months. Core mechanics created in 6 weeks. Additional changes after.
  • Port of an iPhone game to flash, created to promote a Social game on facebook. In game powerups linked to progress in Social Game.
  • Based on a Match 3 framework I built myself.

Doctor Who – Keys of Time

Doctor Who – Keys of Time game

  • Created for BBC magazines Doctor Who Monster Invasion site;
  • Took over alpha from another coder and fixed bugs as well as adding a few minor feature requests
  • Did Quality Assurance on the first 6 levels.
  • Did a second wave update adding 3 additional levels. Updated save system to support the extra data.
  • Added update to the proprietary level designing tool to remove the need for new builds to test levels.
  • Worked with amfPHP and Box2D in development.

Level Up!

  • Created in 4 months. Three months of develoment. One of post/polishing.
  • Won game of the year on Newgrounds. Placed top game of the week and third best game of the month on Kongregate.
  • Over 2 million impressions in the first three months after release.
  • Nearly entirely developed alone with the exception of outsourced Music, Dialogue and ending cutscene art.
  • Featured an origional mashup of platformer/exploration and RPG leveling mechanics.