Indie Speed Run Entry

Over new years I worked with my friend Keith to make a game for the indie speed run, a 48 hour games making contest. We created the whole thing over new year. The theme and element we got where ‘Afterlife’ and ‘UFO’

The game we designed was based on speed inventory management, trying to fit as many useful things into a characters inventory as fast as possible; where the definition of ‘useful’ would change as you played through the game. The character automatically advanced through the game world and the player used the mouse to pick up items and try to fit them in the characters inventory. The ‘afterlife’ part of the theme features the player dying and coming back in the afterlife, but without the ability to pick any items up any more.

The game came out a little rough and buggy, but the mechanics where good.

For the first time in a game jam I made a time lapse of what was on my screen. It worked out pretty well.

Nom Nation PSP reviews

Nom Nation on the PSP has been out for a week and bit in Europe (the flash and iPhone version has been further delayed for complicated non-games design related reasons that I don’t care for). Had a couple of reviews come through for it for it; ranging from hesitantly positive to gushingly positive
~ “one of the best mini’s available right now”
to give my favourite carefully edited quote from this Podcast review at about 1:13:00

PSP Mini’s Review
PSN Stores

It’s currently placed 2nd on the PSNStore Power Rankings for Mini’s ­čśÇ

Nom Nation

  • Created in 6 months. One month pre-production.
  • Created for Channel 4 food education drive.
  • Lead Designer and Programmer.
  • Platform Adventure game; Designed for port to iPhone and PSP.

Nom Nation

Truth Specs – Brain Drain

  • Created in six weeks with AS3 using Nape physics engine 1.0
  • Base game mechanic involved ‘failing to┬ásucceed’
  • Incorporated in house JavaScript framework to send information
  • Part of the Truth Specs project.

Voodoo Charms

  • Created in 3 months. Core mechanics created in 6 weeks. Additional changes after.
  • Port of an iPhone game to flash, created to promote a Social game on facebook. In game powerups linked to progress in Social Game.
  • Based on a Match 3 framework I built myself.

Doctor Who – Keys of Time

Doctor Who – Keys of Time game

  • Created for BBC magazines Doctor Who Monster Invasion site;
  • Took over alpha from another coder and fixed bugs as well as adding a few minor feature requests
  • Did Quality Assurance on the first 6 levels.
  • Did a second wave update adding 3 additional levels. Updated save system to support the extra data.
  • Added update to the┬áproprietary┬álevel designing tool to remove the need for new builds to test levels.
  • Worked with amfPHP and Box2D in development.

Level Up!

  • Created in 4 months. Three months of develoment. One of post/polishing.
  • Won game of the year on Newgrounds. Placed top game of the week and third best game of the month on Kongregate.
  • Over 2 million impressions in the first three months after release.
  • Nearly entirely developed alone with the exception of outsourced Music, Dialogue and ending cutscene art.
  • Featured an origional mashup of platformer/exploration and RPG leveling mechanics.